Website Hosting is rented space on a server. Any website needs to be hosted in order for others to be able to see your website on the internet.

Whether your website has been designed at Proweb or elsewhere you are going to need somewhere to host it. As a web hosting company, Proweb has several webhosting services and packages available based on your requirements and the technical needs of your site.

Why Proweb? - No Technical Knowledge Required

Lets say that you want a website and your own company email addresses, and that you want it all to operate from your own domain name ( Where do you start? For many this involves researching the technology, following a "How To" guide and then hoping it works long enough for them to work out how to fix any problems.

With Proweb it could not be simpler. Just tell us what you want, and we will do the rest. From choosing the right hosting solution, building your website and placing it on the server, to configuring your domain name so that the whole thing works.

As a company we are dedicated to providing all of our services in a way that requires no technical knowledge from our customers.

Proweb have fully managed hosting servers offering speed, reliablity and security. The personalised service that we provide allows you to telephone us for both pre-sales advice and after sales support. This is in contrast to many hosting providers who claim to offer a budget service but actually provide minimal customer service and, slow servers with little or no after sales service.

Our webservers are extremely fast compared to many other hosting companies, with both windows and linux hosting available, vital in a commercial environment. Basically, the faster the servers, the faster the web pages appear, which is invaluable if you require ecommerce hosting or your site has high multimedia content.

If you would like us to manage your website hosting and arrange for the transfer of your website to one of our high performance servers this can usually be done the same day.

Proweb is the answer to your website hosting needs!