The Proweb SafeData solution is a fully managed, offsite backup mechanism that protects your data against disasters such as vandalism, theft, fire, viruses or accidental deletion.

Why Offsite Backup?

Not only is it difficult and costly for business to achieve secure, reliable and guaranteed backups in-house, it also intrudes on your businesses core activities, and the majority of staff treat it as a low priority. The personnel costs of in-house backup can be high, and in most cases are highly underestimated.

Proweb SafeData removes the critical level reliance on human intervention by constantly storing your data in a secure, offsite environment with immediate access for restoration of data when required.

The data is seamlessly transferred using its pre-defined scheduler, whilst being confined to fixed, secure connections to remove any risk to your companys valuable information.

Once implemented Proweb SafeData ensures complete data security.

Your data is encrypted both locally and while in transmission across the Internet to our secure bank of highly specified data storage units. The data remains your property at all times.

Allocated security codes allows only you, the holder access to your data.

Once the backup has been received by our first set of storage units, a copy is immediately transmitted via a secure link to our second bank of servers in a separate location, where it is backed up on disk.

Your most recent backup is available at all times for immediate restore, whether in its original location or transmitted to a separate server or office of your choice.